Saturday, January 19, 2013

Uncle Jay Steven...

So MobileMe doesn't exist anymore resulting in my search for a new host for and my temporary return to the world of Blogspot!

 Here I sit at the most relaxing lounge I've found in this town, (I've got rhymes!),  knowing there is one subject I need to discuss with you and it's without a doubt the ultimate news I've had in quite some time now. My sister of 25 years is finally knocked up meaning I, Jay Steven Sinkovitz, am going to be an UNCLE!!!

I believe I will be one hell of an uncle and I favor the thought of being a part of the growth and development of the beautiful Sophia Elizabeth Culmer!

The hustlers and the wanderers.....

We’ve all seen the men and women who sleep inside the spacious outdoors every night. They may have been begging you for your money or maybe even a slice of pie. The following is one of my encounters with a homeless man and a little take on my views towards the homeless who are searching for that Ultimate Freedom and the free-loaders just looking to score another kind of bread to spend on their abusive habits.

Out at dinner I’ve always managed to keep my appetite down enough to save a little food from the annihilation of my roaring jaws and with that left over food I would Doggie-Bag it up and let it loose to someone much hungrier than I. I was spending the evening in Tampa, Fl. and noticed a man lying on a bench and made contact with thine eyes. The man asked me for food, he stated that he was hungry and he must eat and I of course was enthralled with the knowledge of the mess of food I had just recently boxed away and immediately offered to run back to my vehicular for the feast that he may enjoy with thought that he would be the most appreciative, but this was not the case in action. As soon as my offer was released the man’s denial 180’d the conversation into an obvious cry for something other than food because now he stated that he wasn’t hungry and that he didn’t need food but needed money to buy food. And as quick as this mans story changed, the quicker my attention span veered left!

Now this story doesn’t give anyone too great of an outlook on the homeless but are all homeless this way? I sure don’t think so! I’ve read many novels involving characters who are simply on a voyage for true freedom, wanting nothing more than to not be locked down by any form of government, or society and I personally find that impressive! I respect those who attempt the lifestyle. I’m not saying I feel obligated to go out and buy some food for every homeless man I see but knowing these people are achieving their own dreams, even if they are allot different than ours, doesn’t stop me from saving them from walking along our streets all day with growling stomachs.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Into The Wild. The movie is based on a true life story which involves a young adult searching for absolute freedom after graduating college. The guy has an education, he’s no dum dum, he simply doesn’t want to be locked down by society and although it may not end well for him, he sets out to achieve what he truly wants and finds himself experiencing things he only dreamed of experiencing. My schpeal is complete and I would love to hear your views & opinions on these wondering dreamers and sleazy hustlers! I leave you with one of my favorite quotes which happens to be from Into The Wild:

“I'm going to paraphrase Thoreau here... rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... give me truth.”

Dream on Dreamers!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's here, It's finally here!

The J.Steven Project has moved! That's right, I have finally bought and published my own site! If you find this post, please check out the new J.Steven Project!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Show yourself!

Everyone's focus has been so incredibly drawn towards the fact that we finally found Bin Laden that we are all forgetting about the other man we still have yet to find.........Where the heck is Waldo!

I downloaded the magnificent "Where's Waldo" app for my mac yesterday and it's been a thrill. Bring's me back to my childhood! All of those year's as a wee young lad searching for the red striped stranger who just happens to be missing in a world where red stripes are the fashion of choice! Will we ever find Waldo!!?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh how I love to fly......

So I just recently returned from a stress free week-long vacation in the Nashville, TN area where I once called home. I had a connecting flight to catch in St. Louis and my first flight was running a little late. Finally in the air I ordered some hot tea, just like I normally do when the flight attendant comes by to take everyone's drink order and throw peanuts & pretzels down our throats! I pulled my lap tray down when the tea arrived and the tray was stiff, definitely broken. I thought I had it down just as far as it was going to go! I let the tea brew and added the cream & sugar, rested my elbows on the tray to grab the cup for a sip and BAM, the tray gave out! The tray dropped a little further and the hot tea flung all over me. All over my shorts, my shirt, on my backpack a tad and it was HOT! Somehow though I wonder how the passenger next to me didn't manage to get a drop on him, as if the seats weren't on top of each other!

And the story goes on, I arrive in St. Louis minutes late and as soon as I take that right foot through those gate door's and into the terminal I hear, "Jay Steven Sinkovitz please make your way to gate E4. Your flight has boarded and we are waiting on you"! Gate E4 was at the opposite end of my terminal! I didn't run but walked like Sea-biscuit runs, galloped in some strange way! I have been at the airport and heard someone get called over the loud speaker before and every time I have thought, "Who does that, how hard is it to be on time to a flight or book another if you're not going to make it!?", but now I know. Man was it a little embarrassing even though it wasn't my fault at all!

I flew out of St. Louis and made it to Baltimore! I was bit skeptical as to whether my baggage would have arrived with me after my connected flight running late but sure enough my baggage made it alive too! All ended well and the vacation was great, couldn't ask for a better ending to an interesting day!